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In a bold statement of confidence and resolve, several educators, performing artists and key municipal bodies have set in motion a series of recommendations designed to encourage greater usage of the Sedona Performing Arts Center/SPAC.  With many specifics drawn from the March 5, 2015  SPAC Community Involvement Forum, the current three-phase approach addresses Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District’s SPAC-related policies, procedures and pricing, as well as technical facility completions and improvements.

Phase I  –  Professionally engage a performing arts consultant to oversee the review of SPAC policies and procedures, while assisting all participant entities to secure Sedona Performing Arts Center as a fully functioning performing arts, educational and community engagement resource.

Phase II  –  Establish SPAC Community Performing Arts Resources  to encourage increased use of SPAC facilities by Sedona’s performing arts organizations.

Phase III  –  Determine and propose workable funding solutions and supply sources for SPAC’s physical completions and technical & acoustic improvements.

How This Developed . . .

2014:  Beginning in January of 2014, several committed individuals representing city government, the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District, Yavapai Community College, and a wide variety of Sedona’s visual & performing arts organizations jointly served on the Sedona Culture Collaborative’s Incubation Team.  This full year of highly productive meetings revealed several common goals, shared responsibilities, and multiple new options for Sedona’s cultural future, many of which appeared to be best achieved through combined efforts. The foundation for the current redefinition and expansion of SPAC’s unique position in Sedona’s cultural life was given birth during these fruitful meetings.

2015:  Following the March 5, 2015  SPAC Community Involvement Forum, and with a new air of optimism and open communications, an historic 3-way meeting of the minds has developed which includes the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District, the City of Sedona and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau. Now, with enthusiastic support from these three key entities, all three phases described above have received initial funding and are actively underway. Tremendous Thanks & Appreciation to:

For full details of the Phase II SPAC Community Performing Arts Resources – Go There Now.

A report on the March 5, 2015  SPAC Community Involvement Forum  Download PDF.

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