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The Community Performing Arts Studio

To satisfy Yavapai College’s stated intention of providing performing arts courses and community education classes in dance, music and drama, Yavapai College (YC) and area performing arts leaders jointly petitioned SOCUSD to explore options for upgrading SPAC facilities to accommodate YC and active community non-profit performing arts needs. An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between SOCUSD and YC was drafted and adopted, the sole purpose being to facilitate construction of the SPAC Community Performing Arts Studio.

Community Performing Arts Studio:  With funding from Yavapai College, in June, 2017 construction was completed on remodeling the former SPAC rehearsal room/black box theater. This previously unimproved and underutilized space has received a fully professional grade sprung floor required for dance training, wall mirrors and barres, and is referred to as the Community Performing Arts Studio (CPAS). This unique venue is thoroughly equipped to also host music and drama auditions, training, rehearsals and limited-sized performance.

Through the SOCUSD/YC IGA, the CPAS will serve as home to:

1)  Yavapai College dance, music and drama class offerings;

2)  Area non-profit performance organizations’ auditions, training, rehearsals & limited-sized performance needs;

3)  An arts academy-level facility for those faculty-directed SRRHS training classes requiring this upper-level training environment, and…

4)  Master class and rehearsal space for visiting professional companies during their residencies &/or performances.

Please Note: Further information and rental procedures for this incredible facility will be posted once the new policies & procedures are adopted by the SOCUSD Board of Trustees. Return here to learn more.

A Performing Arts Assistance Resource

The SPAC Community Arts Fund is dedicated to the honor of those Sedona community visionaries who have recognized the inestimable contribution live performing arts make to life in Sedona, and under whose leadership helped make the Sedona Performing Arts Center/SPAC a reality.  

PLEASE NOTE: Although the SPAC Community Arts Fund is not currently available for the 2017-18 concert season, new funding sources with revised policies & procedures are being set in place. Please check back for further developments. 

The initial fund was established to encourage Sedona-based non-profit performing arts organizations to use SPAC and have 50% of their facility usage fees paid by the fund.  The goal was to create a long-term assistance program that has a lasting positive impact on Sedona’s performing arts community and those they serve.


The Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District (SOCUSD) has embarked on a wide-ranging reassessment of policies and procedures regarding the Sedona Performing Arts Center (SPAC), it’s usage, rental fees and technical needs. This began with a public meeting on March 5, 2015 at SPAC hosted by district superintendent Dave Lykins, with members of the SOCUSD Board and Sedona City Council also in attendance. 

 Reporting on SPAC’s then 4-year history, and inviting direct community input on how SPAC might better serve Sedona, brought a wealth of enthusiastic, well-conceived ideas. A full report of the evening’s proceedings is available here.  With the initial combined support of SOCUSD, the City of Sedona and Sedona Chamber of Commerce, much has developed from that March 5th meeting and two followup meetings, one with the SOCUSD Board on May 5, 2015, and another with the Sedona City Council on July 29, 2015.  This historic coalition has provided the support and funding for the initial SPAC Community Arts Fund described below. To these three key, forward-thinking entities, “Bravo!”

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A  Challenge:

Since SPAC’s late-2010 opening on the campus of Sedona Red Rock High School, its local non-profit rental/usage fees have been perceived by potential users as being prohibitively high. For struggling non-profit performing arts organizations in the greater Sedona area, these fees were severely limiting their use of SPAC and its facilities. As a result, other financially more feasible, though technically less-than-ideal venues were sought out. With local non-profit access to SPAC being financially prohibitive, SPAC remained vacant for over 250 days & nights each year.

A Community Response:

While the school district reviews options for SPAC pricing and procedures, and to allow the SOCUSD Board sufficient time for exploratory due diligence, a local body of community-focused private and public donors committed to a two-year trial to establish the SPAC Community Arts Fund. Sufficient funds were donated to cover the 2014-15 and 2015-16 concert seasons, roughly the same time periods as the equivalent school years. Designed to encourage expanded community access and usage of SPAC facilities, these funds were made available specifically to Sedona-based non-profit performing arts organizations to pay 50% of that organization’s contracted SPAC rental fees on a ‘per event’ basis.

In a joint effort to recognize the inestimable contribution the live performing arts make to life in Sedona, this public/private performing arts assistance fund sought matching grants and donations to total $30,000. All contributions were fully tax deductible. With no administrative costs, 100% of the funds were used for their designated purpose.

All donations to the SPAC Community Arts Fund were held in a restricted access account within the SOCUSD accounting system to be used exclusively to cover 50% of SPAC usage fees for approved fund applicants. The two-year trial was entirely successful. PLEASE NOTE: Although the SPAC Community Arts Fund is not currently available for the 2017-18 concert season, the goal remains to have this supportive community-based performing arts assistance fund re-established.

Additional SPAC-related uses of this fund will be considered by the fund’s creators. With updated SOCUSD pricing & procedures  finalized in September 2016, future use of the annually replenished SPAC Community Arts Fund will also be considered for  SPAC’s ongoing technical improvements and upgrades.

The Funding Year & Process

The SPAC Community Arts Fund will operate on an annual funding year from July 1 through June 30. Once re-established, applicants may be funded for multiple SPAC events during a single funding year. However, no single non-profit entity may receive more than 20% of the total fund during any given funding year.

Once fully funded with updated procedures in place,  complete application details will be available via this site.

Once again, Thank You! to the City of Sedona, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, and the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District for their meaningful support.


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